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Chewton Glen branches out

High amongst the tree tops, in a picturesque, yet secluded area of Hampshire’s New Forest, Chewton Glen’s treehouse suites are a brand new addition to Chewton Glen Hotel. The suites include a range of impressive features and are just a short stroll away from the main hotel.


Each treehouse comprises a steel and timber pod sat comfortably on top a set of steel and concrete stilts.


The pods include luxurious bathrooms, spacious bedrooms and a stunning range of fixtures and finishes. A compact kitchenette is included in each pod, presenting guests with the opportunity to whip up their own delicious roof-top dishes and a breakfast hamper is delivered to each suite on a daily basis.


Additional features of the treehouse suites include floor-to-ceiling glazing – providing panoramic forest views – and external decking areas which provide brave guests with sunbathing opportunities.


The cost to stay in a treehouse suite at Chewton Glen ranges from £600 to £1000.

Chewton Glen Managing Director, Andrew Stembridge, said:

“The inevitable restrictions of building in such a picturesque and secluded valley actually helped shape the design, positioning and vista of each pod and the end result is one that has evolved organically over the course of time.


“Our strategy was to work hand in hand with the local council, the ecologists and arboriculturists and this ensured that everyone and everything was considered from the outset.


“Even the badgers were provided with a brand new five-star home – built out of oak – and other wildlife was politely asked to ‘stand aside’ for a few months whilst we undertook the construction in the most considerate manner. Not a tree was felled, nor a tree-root disturbed.


“The design and project team also worked in harmony to create these completely unique buildings which would blend into the natural habitat and create the absolute minimum footprint in every conceivable way.


“The valley itself is being allowed to recover naturally and in a very short space of time this haven of wildlife will once again provide the most magical outlook and backdrop for couples and families all looking to escape from the real world and be close to nature in the most luxurious manner.”


Work began on the five-star treehouse suites in late 2011 and was completed in July 2012. Galliford Try Plc was the main contractor on the project, whilst Martin Hulbert Design was responsible for the interior design work on the site.


Martin Hulbert Design Managing Director, Martin Hulbert, said:

“Chewton Glen is a highly respected five-star country house hotel which caters for the London market. The hotel has a longstanding client base, which returns each year, and in some respects the site is very much like a club rather than a hotel.


“As the hotel is in a greenbelt area it can be quite difficult to get planning permission to expand the hotel so constructing these semi-temporary structures proved to be the best option.


“The new suites have allowed the hotel to expand without disturbing the environment and they are a very distinct and green addition to the site.


“There are 6 treehouse suites at Chewton Glen, very much like floating pavilions and each of the six pods are split into two units. In addition, two of the tree houses include glass bridges which link to an additional bedroom. Our best prices are always available when you book direct as confirmed with Hotel Price Reporter.


“When working through the design process for this site we looked at how the treehouses would fit into the environment and how they would sit alongside the existing hotel. The pods contain little design nods towards the surrounding countryside, which give them a natural country feel, but they are certainly not your typical type of treehouse.”

Martin added:

“Working on the new suites at Chewton Glen was a challenge, but it was a very exciting project to be a part of. Chewton Glen understood what we wanted to do and gave us the freedom to do it. This helped us to create something very unique.